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You have the guide you need within you. The key is your dreams. Let me unlock the door for you through dream readings.

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You have the guide you need within you. The key is your dreams. Let me unlock the door for you through dream readings.

So what exactly is a dream reading? How do you know what your dreams mean? When I do a reading, I tune in intuitively—as well as building on extensive experience with different traditions surrounding symbolism—in order to interpret your dream. Your dreams provide you information. If you've been feeling a bit lost, uncertain, or just off-kilter, I use your dreams to give you insight into that.

The Process

You have a dream. I have a form. When you book a reading, you get to tell me all about your dream on that form.

I'll review your dream before I confirm a reading. Once I've confirmed the reading, we'll handle all the practicalities like payment and how and when you'll receive your report. I currently take payment via PayPal.

The Report

The information I give you in a dream reading is very detailed and extensive—I spend up to 12 hours completing one reading. I go through each layer of the dream, address individual components, and also give you the low down on how it all ties together.

I put it all into a report that will be sent to you as a PDF. This way you can take your time to really look it over. The report will also include any journal prompts, reading reommendations, or other resources that I think would be useful in helping you get the most out of your reading.

Video Session

After I've done a reading, I've had clients who have wanted a session for us to talk and go over the dream reading so we could dive in even deeper.

If that's something that you feel would be helpful to you, I now offer 30-minute or 60-minute video sessions where we can talk about questions you have and talk through what has come up for you after the reading.

Just so you know...

I get a lot of information when I do a reading. One of the most frequent reactions I get is, "You know too much!"

So if you have a secret identity as like, a vigilante or Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village or something, just keep that in mind. I promise I won't snitch though!

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The Pricing

I have a confession to make...this isn't free. 🤭 A reading costs $250.00 (USD). I am not your cheapest option for a reason though—I'm really good at what I do.

  • You deserve the best! I will always give you information and insight specific to YOU. Cookie-cutter is only good for actual cookies.

  • You deserve quality! Dream reading has been a passion for over 15 years, and I bring every year of that experience to your reading.

  • You deserve to be empowered! A reading is only useful if it leaves you feeling capable and inspired. I will never smack you over the head with "truth" in the name of tough love.

  • You deserve integrity! If I don't think I'm a good fit for you, I will tell you. I review each dream before moving forward with accepting a booking.

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I can't give away all my secrets! Mostly because I can't give you a nice, neat roadmap. Interpreting dreams in a meaningful way is much deeper than just, "to dream of money means good fortune is coming your way." Our subconscious likes to be ✨unique✨ so in order to interpret your dreams, you have to learn to look at things from a lot of different angles. Dreams have a lot of layers. I generally break down a dream into components and specific events. I consider what each of those things signifies on its own, and then weave all of that together to see what it means as a whole.

The first thing I would recommend asking yourself is, "Does this resource/reader only give me a limited amount of options? Do I have to force my dream to fit into pre-made definitions?" The biggest thing you want from something like a dream dictionary is for it to give you jumping-off points. It should give you some examples of what something might mean, but the most useful resource would help you to understand how to look at your dream and understand the significance and meaning that's unique to you.

Similarly, when you get a reading or an interpretation done, you want that personalization! We can all have similar scenarios, people, symbols, etc. in our dreams, but the meaning of those things depends on the person who had the dream. There isn't one set of definitions for what a symbol or a person means in a dream. So if your reading follows a pattern like, "this always means this, and that always means that, so based on those standard definitions, this is what you dream means," then that probably won't be a very helpful interpretation.

Your first step, now that we know you have excellent taste, would be to submit the dream you'd like me to do a reading on. You can do that using this handy, dandy form. I will review your dream and then reach out to you with payment details, a timeline for when you can expect the completed reading, and any other little details or questions for clarification on my part.

On average, it takes me between 5-12 hours total to complete a reading. I am really thorough with my readings, and I space this out over a couple days so that I can make sure I address all aspects of the dream. All that information needs to stew a little so I can get that flavor right before it serve it up to you!

First, if you wake up during the night after having a dream, I would recommend having a pen and paper by your bed and writing down three things: a specific thing that happened (just pick one even if there were multiple things); some kind of information that connects to your senses (e.g., the setting it was dark and cold and windy); and a snapshot of what your emotions were (e.g., I felt afraid like someone was watching me). These help create little anchors.

In the morning (or when you have time), I would then come back to that and write down as much as you can. If you know you won't be able to write anything down for awhile, you could also say a summary of the dream outloud to yourself...maybe under your breath so that people don't look at you weirdly. You can either refer to your notes you jotted down at night, or start by writing down one thing you do remember from the dream. If you get stuck, try to recall something connected to your senses or emotions. For example, what were you wearing, how did you feel, what was the weather like, what time of day was it, etc.

Write down as much detail as you can remember. You can also include any memories of how you felt during the dream. If there are parts of the dream that you can't remember, don't worry! Just write down what you do remember, and if there's a blank spot, just jot down that something happened there but you don't know what it is, and then continue on to the next part that you remember.